Welcome To My Vlog!

Thank you for visiting my personal blog! I’ve always wanted something that I can connect with my audience. When I finally created an account on here, I knew that this will  be the best platform where I will be sharing things from journals, fictional/nonfictional stories, and even lines from my book which I’m currently working on. Any support such as liking and sharing my blog is appreciated. I hope you will have an amazing day! I would love to share something quick with all of you today! DO NOT ever let someone else tell you how you should build your success. In my personal life, I’ve found that if I’m constantly trying to please someone with what their perspective of success should be, I lose sight of who I truly am. A desire has to come from your own heart. Without your own desires and passions, your flame will burn out. This was what came to my head today, and I thought I’d share it with you. Just take a few moments to yourself and think about where you are today. Are you chasing success for you, or are you chasing it for someone else that is not yours?