Social Behavior

Have you ever wonder the different types of social behaviors in your friend circles? In the next paragraph, I’m going to share some of my own analysis that I’ve become aware of. One thing that I have noticed throughout my school years is that everyone has their own way, of how they can be known or popular. One of the similar action that I’ve seen between all the different parties and gatherings that I’ve attended, I have noticed that each individual claim a specific way of what they think that attracts their popularity or fans. The most common type of persuasion that I’ve seen is down grading and putting someone else’s character down to make themselves to seem more superior. I tend to see this more among the younger generation. This particular style really unsettles me the most. It does not just damage another’s personal belief of their value, but I have to wonder what the true reason that an individual feels that they have the need to do this. Is it jealousy? Could it be that they are not content with their own lives? Whatever it might be, it is never okay to embarrass or personally hurt someone’s ego. You never know where the person that you hurt are going through. They could be experiencing self worth or self doubt. Another type of confident boost, may be talking twisted lies subtly to ruin someone’s reputation or making the rest think that they are the better person. When they say something, and the crowd awkwardly laughs out loud which then boosts that person even more. At this point, the audience lose credibility in this person. At least I do. This makes me ask myself, what exactly is this person trying to hide about themselves. They are obviously trying to lure people away from themselves and dig out the most horrific thing on another person. This is one of the shallowest thing to do. Unfortunately, these people are completely blinded by it, all they want is support from the wrong type of people. The best thing to do, is stay away from that kind of negativity. I only brought up two main points, because those are the most that I have noticed in crowds and group gatherings. Now that you have read my blog, feel free to look around the next time you get together with friends, family, and coworkers. Carefully pick out those individuals and keep your distance. You will notice a more positive people if you take this advice.Facebook page

In To The Rice Field

Before I start, I would like to share a story from my early childhood. I grew up in a very small town in China, Xian Tang. My town was so hidden away from civilization that the government would have never probably discovered it. In America, some would say that this type of towns would only exist in the 1800s. Some say even earlier than that. As far as I know, my family and the older generation have been in this town or near the perimeter of the small populated town. Everything that is required for a family to survive is all manually developed or created within Xian Tang. Every family was given a certain space of land to grow their crops in order to live. For example, my parents raised our own chickens and pigs for a source of meat. They also grew their own garden for vegetation along with a field space to grow grains such as rice. Within Xian Tang, we had absolutely any idea of technology advancement or anything else in that case. The reason why I have decided to tell you this is that you  might have a better understanding of my circumstances of where I came from. Due to the small amount of people that lived in my town, everyone knew everyone and their sisters and brothers. I was around 5 or 6 years old when my best friend La La, had asked me to go to the town market with her. She explained that her father had gave her a few Mao chian, a Chinese currency. She was practically jumping up and down as she begged me to go with her to get some candies. Before I said that I would accompany her, I made her promise that she would share some with me. When La La said, “Of course I would,” I smiled and followed her up the town to where a family owned shop. As we passed the different landmarks of each family owned land, we slowly jogged by many housings. Once a cluster of houses were behind us, we soon came up on fields and fields of rice plantations on both sides of the narrow dirt path. To paint a picture of the plantations, on one side of us was a foot deep from the ground level was the rice fields. On the other side, the rice fields are divided by a down sloping hill. As we continued along side of the road, La La smiled from ear to ear and chattered on and on about how her parents make more money than mine. I did not correct her since my family was on a lower class. When we reached our town market, La La picked out her favorite candies and we started on our way back. When we came up to the rice field, La La kept shoving the few candies that she had bought into her mouth. At this point I knew that I had to say something before she eats them all. “Hey, um, aren’t you going to share that with me”? When she noticed that I was blocking the path, she said, “Oh, yeah”. After she made a disgust face and took out a tiny piece out of her mouth and handed it to me was when I became furious. I stood still and said, “Is that all I get, you tricked me to come with you and I just get a piece of your spit”? “That’s all you get”! I could not believe my ears, so I started grabbing at her hands that were disappearing into her pockets. She began to run off, but I had already gripped her shirt and we began pushing and shoving each other. Even though I was the smaller one, I had more strength. As we tugged and pulled at each other’s hair, I decided to finish the fight and pushed her down into the rice field. It was a split second action that made me push my best friend rolling down to the water filled plantation. When I saw her perfectly rounded face with the a circular haircut which flew up as she rolled further down the slope, was when I knew that there was nothing I could have done to stop her from hitting the water with full force. The water would not have drowned her, because it was only a foot or two deep. At that moment, I stood in shock and froze in place not knowing what to do next. With a cry of help, she snatched a plant root and held on barely ripping the entire plant out of the soil. As she held on for life, she looked up at me and apologized for how selfish she had been. In life, I can say that most of us have had these events or close scenarios happen to them. It was about time that I stood up for myself. I would always share everything with La La. I gave her a last bit of my drinking water on a blazing hot summer day. The least that she could have done was share one piece of candy. Yes I could have done it a different way, but I was only a child. Though my friend could have gotten hurt badly, she knew that I had to wake her up from her ways. If you have a lesson learning or a funny story, feel free to share below.  am going to let you as a reader to digest the lesson from this short story that I just wrote.

Jamie Lyn 

An Unbreakable Heart

I have heard over and over all throughout my life that their heart got broken by a: boyfriend, girlfriend, a sibling, parents, a coworker, a love partner, and you can keep on building the list… I found that the most common words that they would tell me is, “My heart will always stay broken and no one will ever take that place”! There was a time that I have believed the very same thing, but recently my opinion have proved me wrong. You might be thinking that, of course that my beliefs should have told me otherwise! No, it is not what you may be thinking. Here are my own reasons. If you claim that a heart is a muscle, then the quote above has to be false . A muscle grows, it might not physically get larger. The heart will only get stronger as the good and bad events that multiplies in your lifespan . Therefore, with each heartbreak, your heart gains more and more strength whether or not you believe this is true. Think of it like this: every time you workout, your muscles get more powerful as the more you exercise. So, trust me when I say this: your heart does not stay broken nor empty. Your heart does not get weaker nor does it become more Vulnerable each time it breaks. In the contrary, your heart is made to be stronger and is now able to face any other challenges or hardships that may come charging your way. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, you are able to face the world with a full force. If you are reading this post of mine and you might be facing similar feelings, I can truly hope that you are encouraged by what I have wrote. Well, if you have read this far, thank you for setting your committed heart to show support! Be sure to follow me on this crazy writing journey! Have a blessed day!