Social Behavior

Have you ever wonder the different types of social behaviors in your friend circles? In the next paragraph, I’m going to share some of my own analysis that I’ve become aware of. One thing that I have noticed throughout my school years is that everyone has their own way, of how they can be known or popular. One of the similar action that I’ve seen between all the different parties and gatherings that I’ve attended, I have noticed that each individual claim a specific way of what they think that attracts their popularity or fans. The most common type of persuasion that I’ve seen is down grading and putting someone else’s character down to make themselves to seem more superior. I tend to see this more among the younger generation. This particular style really unsettles me the most. It does not just damage another’s personal belief of their value, but I have to wonder what the true reason that an individual feels that they have the need to do this. Is it jealousy? Could it be that they are not content with their own lives? Whatever it might be, it is never okay to embarrass or personally hurt someone’s ego. You never know where the person that you hurt are going through. They could be experiencing self worth or self doubt. Another type of confident boost, may be talking twisted lies subtly to ruin someone’s reputation or making the rest think that they are the better person. When they say something, and the crowd awkwardly laughs out loud which then boosts that person even more. At this point, the audience lose credibility in this person. At least I do. This makes me ask myself, what exactly is this person trying to hide about themselves. They are obviously trying to lure people away from themselves and dig out the most horrific thing on another person. This is one of the shallowest thing to do. Unfortunately, these people are completely blinded by it, all they want is support from the wrong type of people. The best thing to do, is stay away from that kind of negativity. I only brought up two main points, because those are the most that I have noticed in crowds and group gatherings. Now that you have read my blog, feel free to look around the next time you get together with friends, family, and coworkers. Carefully pick out those individuals and keep your distance. You will notice a more positive people if you take this advice.Facebook page

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