A Better Transportation System For People Who Is not Able to Drive Physically

  Hey everyone, it has been a while. I hope all of you are doing fantastic.  Some of you might be asking what the title is about. Well, as many of you might know, that I am visually impaired. It means that I do not drive, never have, and probably will not be for a while. Billy is also blind, so he is not able to drive either. So, if we want to go out somewhere, we would ask a family or friend to take us somewhere. Another way to go out, we take Uber and Lyft. However, the rides starts adding up the more we go out. Do to the fact that we are super active and love going out on the town, we are practically broke before we know it. I would never change anything in the world to not have this independence and this amazing future ahead with my love. If you still don’t quite understand, let me to explain more. Imagine that you have to go to the store to pick up that milk for your delicious mac and cheese. So you jump in your car, and a big screen comes on as you start up your car saying that you have to insert 6 dollars. So you scramble your car for 6 dollars cash. Once you get to the store, your transactions are all as expected. Lets say that the milk was around 2 dollars which is completely fine. Now, your car refuses to start until you feed the metal beast 6 more dollars. Finally, you only wanted a darn jug of milk which now cost you almost 15 dollars. Can you say that you would be broke pretty soon?

  There are plenty of examples that I can give. The bottom line is that, there needs to be a better system for anyone who is physically not able to drive a vehicle. Comment below if you have any other suggestions. Anything would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, we are trying to work with companies to make this system more accessible.

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  With love

  Jamie Lyn

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