What Happened To Me

Hello everyone.

I know. You are all asking who is this chick!

I promise that I’m still here and breathing. I sincerely apologize that I have been gone from the face of the earth for so long.

Almost a year ago, this very writing platform signed me out for no reason at all. When I try to publish a post, I had to resign in. When I sworn that I had typed the correct password, I was rejected. This went on for what seemed to be a lifetime. So finally, I decided to change my password. This was the easy part I told myself. After I hit forget password, my phone said to check my email for instruction for the next step. Okay, I did. I refreshed the email over and over again. I even rechecked my spam folders. I did not however receive the magical email. Now at this point I was freaking the hell out. I went back to enter the email in again for the one-thousandth time. Still, there was no magical email. As I flipped tables and doing everything a normal person would have done with malfunctioning technology, my Billy tried to help me. At this point I needed a nice cup of hot tea and a nice long walk, not really, just a TAFMP (Time Away From My Phone). So Billy helped me and even chatted up a couple of agents. Still, they couldn’t help me. After that, I was locked out of my account for good I thought. Sometime after that, things happened and I decided to do other writing such as my books. I did not know how long it would take for me to resurrect my blogs again. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I was able to figure out what had happened to my account.

I realized, or should I say that my wonderful Billy had realized that I had a complete different email account with an extra digit. It was to something else which I will not mention today. At that point, I shouted with joy and told Billy that it has to be my problem with Word press! We both burst with laughter and claimed our rediculousness.

So here I am. Back with more craziness.

I am very happy to be back with you all. I will be posting regularly again.

Thank you for reading my sweet friends. Please do subscribe with your emails below so that you will not miss another of my blogs. Make sure to leave a like and a comment telling me again how ridiculous I was.

Happy Reading

Jamie Lyn