When I first

It has been a while, I hope you are all well. I was supposed to post a poem last month, so here I am, late to the party. This specific poem is to my beloved Billy. If you find some confusing parts, that is why.

To the one with dark hair,

To the one who makes me laugh,

To the one whom is always near,

To the one whom I call my other half.

When I first heard your sound,

When you first read my bubble,

When I first realized your cloud,

When I first heard your giggle.

To the one with the smoothest touch,

To the one whom makes my name ring,

To the one whom always did not mind much,

To the one whom loves to sing.

When I first opened the last separated door,

When I first wrapped my arms around you,

When I finally was able to be more,

It was then that I have decided to never leave your side for any excuse.

To the one whom I call home,

To the one whom I love the most,

I am no longer alone,

At last I can promise myself and all of my future ghosts.