When I first

It has been a while, I hope you are all well. I was supposed to post a poem last month, so here I am, late to the party. This specific poem is to my beloved Billy. If you find some confusing parts, that is why.

To the one with dark hair,

To the one who makes me laugh,

To the one whom is always near,

To the one whom I call my other half.

When I first heard your sound,

When you first read my bubble,

When I first realized your cloud,

When I first heard your giggle.

To the one with the smoothest touch,

To the one whom makes my name ring,

To the one whom always did not mind much,

To the one whom loves to sing.

When I first opened the last separated door,

When I first wrapped my arms around you,

When I finally was able to be more,

It was then that I have decided to never leave your side for any excuse.

To the one whom I call home,

To the one whom I love the most,

I am no longer alone,

At last I can promise myself and all of my future ghosts.



What Happened To Me

Hello everyone.

I know. You are all asking who is this chick!

I promise that I’m still here and breathing. I sincerely apologize that I have been gone from the face of the earth for so long.

Almost a year ago, this very writing platform signed me out for no reason at all. When I try to publish a post, I had to resign in. When I sworn that I had typed the correct password, I was rejected. This went on for what seemed to be a lifetime. So finally, I decided to change my password. This was the easy part I told myself. After I hit forget password, my phone said to check my email for instruction for the next step. Okay, I did. I refreshed the email over and over again. I even rechecked my spam folders. I did not however receive the magical email. Now at this point I was freaking the hell out. I went back to enter the email in again for the one-thousandth time. Still, there was no magical email. As I flipped tables and doing everything a normal person would have done with malfunctioning technology, my Billy tried to help me. At this point I needed a nice cup of hot tea and a nice long walk, not really, just a TAFMP (Time Away From My Phone). So Billy helped me and even chatted up a couple of agents. Still, they couldn’t help me. After that, I was locked out of my account for good I thought. Sometime after that, things happened and I decided to do other writing such as my books. I did not know how long it would take for me to resurrect my blogs again. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I was able to figure out what had happened to my account.

I realized, or should I say that my wonderful Billy had realized that I had a complete different email account with an extra digit. It was to something else which I will not mention today. At that point, I shouted with joy and told Billy that it has to be my problem with Word press! We both burst with laughter and claimed our rediculousness.

So here I am. Back with more craziness.

I am very happy to be back with you all. I will be posting regularly again.

Thank you for reading my sweet friends. Please do subscribe with your emails below so that you will not miss another of my blogs. Make sure to leave a like and a comment telling me again how ridiculous I was.

Happy Reading

Jamie Lyn

Wedding Venue Tour

  Last week, Billy and I had the opportunity to tour a place for our wedding. It was a gorgeous place. It was an ancient mansion that took place in the 1700 and 1800s. My wonderful future Mother in law came along with Billy and I which I was so grateful for. When the tour guide explained everything to us inside of the mansion, the three of us agreed that it was a little small for our type of wedding. The inside was so fancy and pretty, but it could only seat up to eighty people. The tour guide was so nice and pleasant to work with. As she showed us the outside view which was surrounded by woods and a beautiful botanical garden approximately 50 feet from the mansion house. The tour guide also said that we could rent tents which can seat up to 150 people. She meant well, but we needed our guests to be together in one room. As Billy and I strolled around the outside, Billy put his arms around my waste and he planted a few kisses on my lips. This memory will forever last, because there is absolutely no one that I would rather spend the rest of my life with than my Billy. That day was one of my most joyous day in my life. Later, the three of us took pictures to capture the memory of the place even though we know that this place will not work out. Near the end of our tour, I leaned up to Billy and said that I would love to throw huge parties here in our future. Billy smiled and said that it was an amazing idea, especially when we get rich one day from doing what we do. I squeezed his hand tightly and thanked the young lady who had assisted us and walked to our car as we planned our next destination to tour.  If any of you have any questions about wedding venues in Cincinnati Ohio, feel free to ask me. I will give you any information to my knowledge, such as the price, locations, and anything else you would like to know.

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  Happy reading my friends

  Jamie Lyn

Oh What A Day

  As I squeeze my husband Billy’s hand with every nerve I can possibly manage. He sits next to me on the train, as I try my very best to find every memory and photos from my childhood. I have never done anything quite this impossible. The pressure is almost unbearable to hold. Just as I thought my head was about to explode, my sweet dear husband kisses me on my cheek and says, “Love? We are here”. At his very words, my heart gives the world’s biggest flutter with excitement knowing that there is no turning back. It has been a little over two decades which I have grown so much. Not long ago, I was considered legally blind, but with the current technology and my mindset, my vision in my left eye has completely restored itself. The world seemed very confusing at first, but with the help of my close friends and family, my mind has finally allow me to view the world as the best as my eyes would accept. Now, as the train neared the station, I see oceans of people walking in every direction you can imagine. I have never seen so many people looking so similar as myself. Back in the US, I did not see nearly this many Chinese people. Now that my husband and I have finally arrived here in China, I have never been so anxious. I quickly stood before the train came to a full stop, and grabbed our luggage and took my husband’s arms and headed towards the train exit. My heart can no longer contain itself as I squeezed through bags and between people. When a young teen Chinese boy was throwing a fit in the center of the aisle, I slowed down and waited for his beautiful young Asian mother pulled him to his feet. She smiled apologetically to me and my husband. I told her that it was no worries and compliments on her gorgeous long shining hair. She immediately smiles back and points to my tall and handsome American husband. In Chinese, she asked if we were there on a tour. When I told her that we were visiting and this was my hometown, she extended her hand to shake mine and Billy’s. The lady started walking forward and Billy and I followed behind her and her son who keeps looking over his shoulders and smiles the biggest smile he could possibly show. I smile back and his mother urged him on. Once we got on to the station landing, the lady handed me a contact card. It looked like a business card. I thank her and start looking for signs of recognition of the station. She gently runs her fingers through my hair and disappeared into the busy crowd. When I looked back, she was already swallowed up by the masses of people hurrying towards the exit. As people walked close to our personal space, I squeezed through and found a pillar which we waited for our dear friend who offered to come along to be our translator since I have long forgotten my hometown dialect. Though I was able to speak Mandarin, not everyone from my town would know how to speak it. May was so excited when she heard that we were going back to China and she said that she would love to be our translator. No more than ten minutes later, May steps out from the crowd and spotted us and started walking to us. As May hugs me and asks us if we had enjoyed our travels. I told her that we have had a blast, she gives a genuine smile which showed how white her teeth were. As May and Billy carries on a conversation about the train ride, I can not help but look at all of the stands of shops that took place in the perimeter of the station. I tried to recall my memories of this train station as a young child, nothing looked the same. This place is so modern to the point where it kind of scares me. Would I recognize anything here from my childhood in this new town? This station is more open then I remember. It also has stairs on each end of the station. When the three of us ascended the stairs exiting the station, I asked May if she has ever been here. “I come here only twice”. I smile. “I comed here last summer to visit friend”. Even though May has English grammar issues, she speaks pretty well for someone who has never left this country. “Wow, that’s great” Billy said. I told her that everything that I see so far, looks nothing like my memories. She grins, “Really, that’s too crazy, everything is not the same” she said as she giggles. “Definitely” I say. “Babe, we’ll do great and will figure it all out” my husband says as he squeezes my waste. “Thank you love” I say as I plant a kiss on his lips. I noticed that a small crowd walking towards the train station stopped and looked as if they have never seen any couples kiss. They have probably never seen an Asian woman kissing a white man. May smiled and clapped a couple of times and said, “Awww, too cute”! I laughed waved the crowd on. I soon started talking and sharing what the view was like with Billy and described everything from small bricked houses in the distance and the view of a beautiful lake off to the right. When I started describing the lake, I grew excited, because I remember this specific lake after all. Billy and May both said, “See, you got this”. I smiled and kept walking. In my mind, I knew that the woman who gave birth to me will not be in this town. She was gone a long ago. My father though, he could or could not be here still. He is either passed away from old age, or he might be settled down somewhere else with another woman possibly. As for my mother, I have no clue where she could possibly be. All I know is that she is not too old, maybe in her late thirties or early forties. I will never know for sure for now. The small school near my house was still there, but it was much bigger now. I have a feeling that someone would recognize me. Maybe an old neighbor. Maybe a childhood friend. Even a relative might still be in town. As we continued towards my first house, my heart pounded so hard and fast that it might as well have just jumped out of my throat. This feeling of certainty yet unknown is something that I have ever experienced.
  Thank you for reading friends. As you guys might know, this was just a dream glimpse into my future. I have a feeling that something similar would go down like this. As for my vision, I believe that I will see better than now. Yes, I said that my vision was full, but I think with the help of technology and my own mind can make it possible. Again, thank you friends for being patient with me as I took a break from here.
  Lastly, I’m working as fast as I can to finish my current book, so that I can get it published as soon as possible.

  Happy Reading
  Jamie Lyn

A Better Transportation System For People Who Is not Able to Drive Physically

  Hey everyone, it has been a while. I hope all of you are doing fantastic.  Some of you might be asking what the title is about. Well, as many of you might know, that I am visually impaired. It means that I do not drive, never have, and probably will not be for a while. Billy is also blind, so he is not able to drive either. So, if we want to go out somewhere, we would ask a family or friend to take us somewhere. Another way to go out, we take Uber and Lyft. However, the rides starts adding up the more we go out. Do to the fact that we are super active and love going out on the town, we are practically broke before we know it. I would never change anything in the world to not have this independence and this amazing future ahead with my love. If you still don’t quite understand, let me to explain more. Imagine that you have to go to the store to pick up that milk for your delicious mac and cheese. So you jump in your car, and a big screen comes on as you start up your car saying that you have to insert 6 dollars. So you scramble your car for 6 dollars cash. Once you get to the store, your transactions are all as expected. Lets say that the milk was around 2 dollars which is completely fine. Now, your car refuses to start until you feed the metal beast 6 more dollars. Finally, you only wanted a darn jug of milk which now cost you almost 15 dollars. Can you say that you would be broke pretty soon?

  There are plenty of examples that I can give. The bottom line is that, there needs to be a better system for anyone who is physically not able to drive a vehicle. Comment below if you have any other suggestions. Anything would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, we are trying to work with companies to make this system more accessible.

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  With love

  Jamie Lyn

A Child Like Mentality 

  Hi to all of my readers old and new. Speaking of new, I would like to welcome those who have recently joined the team. I’m so glad that you have chose to stay here and read my blogs. I can only hope that you will find a special interest in all of this.As I contemplated on what to write next, a great idea developed. As many of you know that I have been here and there, and have not been on here as much as I like. The last week have been extremely busy and full of fun. Currently, Billy’s nieces nephews have been visiting and consumed much of my time writing. Though they are some of the cutest little people I know, they have helped me see a lot of different ideas. The more the children interacted with me the more I thought back to hundreds of other children I have known. I came to the conclusion that many today adults tend to lose their child like joy and simplistic way of life views and situations. For myself, I can say that I have always clung to the simple ways of a child’s mentally. Let me clarify, what I mean by saying a child mentality such as the simple things that bring me joy and happiness. Now, I could have easily lost my way in the midst of my challenging past and could have became a mundane average adult. A person who is extremely serious and let others influence my life in a negative way. Instead, I always chose to be grateful, joyful, and creative. Allow me to give some examples. When I was young and had literally nothing, I was happy that I had a river and lakes in my town that I could play and swim in. Before I came to the USA, I did not let angry teenagers effect my simple ways of living nor did I allow them to take away my fun that I had at a boarding school. When family and home life became difficult and challenging, I was grateful for my friends and things as simple as a bed to sleep on at night. The list just goes on and on. The truth is that some of us lose sight of our beginning foundations. We forget that not everything has to be a perfection. We get super worked up about something that is out of our control. Some say that a child before a legal adult age can only enjoy things that are simple and fun without responsibilities. I disagree with those type of thinking. The truth is that, if you are truly happy and free, you should not let anything tie down in a way that a person is forced to be those ways. Yes, we all have responsibilities, but it does not mean that responsibilities determine our values or outcome. Next time before you put on that law-school suit or mundane personality, think about how it will wear you out. Think about yourself, it does not matter what anyone else think of you. Loosen up and enjoy life for what it is. You only have so much time to be you. Make it a child like mind-set.

  Thank you for reading. You are a true friend. Until next time, I hope you will have a blast day and do not forget to strip down those crusty old shell that made you what you are today. Seriously, I hope you will have a fantastic day! Go out and crush it.

  Jamie Lyn

An Early Memory of the Train

  Transportation has advanced greatly since I was a child. The first ten years of my life, I grew up in Xiangtan China, the hometown of a well known Chairman Mao Zedong. I did not learn this until after I had left the country. The main form of transportation for my family and I was by train. Only wealthy families owned pickups, three wheeled cars, and other types of vehicles. Due to the low class my family were, we did not have the luxury of a family car or bikes. As a young girl, my father would take me to visit relatives some distance away in the same town by train. Other times, if we visit family close by, we would walk the trip. Personally, I preferred traveling by rail. This way, I got to meet people from all over the place. Nevertheless, the meals on board tasted amazing. One of my favorite things to order was a carton full of rice and stir fried vegetables. I remember the cart lady who never failed to keep a smile on her face as she passed each cabin while offering food to those who were boarding the train. There is nothing better than riding a train. As my father and I waited patiently to arrive at our next destination, I would look out the window to see friends greeting each other to children pleading their parents to get on the train. I would observe all the faces passing by with expressions of joy, laughter, and even sadness. I have always admired those who traveled with a big family. As the train charged on away from the people, the only view was farmland and brick houses that were both ancient and new. Whenever I hear a train passing through nearby carrying cargo, it would remind me of my childhood. For the sound of the railroad brings back so many memories that I wish I could relive one more time.