When I first

It has been a while, I hope you are all well. I was supposed to post a poem last month, so here I am, late to the party. This specific poem is to my beloved Billy. If you find some confusing parts, that is why.

To the one with dark hair,

To the one who makes me laugh,

To the one whom is always near,

To the one whom I call my other half.

When I first heard your sound,

When you first read my bubble,

When I first realized your cloud,

When I first heard your giggle.

To the one with the smoothest touch,

To the one whom makes my name ring,

To the one whom always did not mind much,

To the one whom loves to sing.

When I first opened the last separated door,

When I first wrapped my arms around you,

When I finally was able to be more,

It was then that I have decided to never leave your side for any excuse.

To the one whom I call home,

To the one whom I love the most,

I am no longer alone,

At last I can promise myself and all of my future ghosts.



Wedding Venue Tour

  Last week, Billy and I had the opportunity to tour a place for our wedding. It was a gorgeous place. It was an ancient mansion that took place in the 1700 and 1800s. My wonderful future Mother in law came along with Billy and I which I was so grateful for. When the tour guide explained everything to us inside of the mansion, the three of us agreed that it was a little small for our type of wedding. The inside was so fancy and pretty, but it could only seat up to eighty people. The tour guide was so nice and pleasant to work with. As she showed us the outside view which was surrounded by woods and a beautiful botanical garden approximately 50 feet from the mansion house. The tour guide also said that we could rent tents which can seat up to 150 people. She meant well, but we needed our guests to be together in one room. As Billy and I strolled around the outside, Billy put his arms around my waste and he planted a few kisses on my lips. This memory will forever last, because there is absolutely no one that I would rather spend the rest of my life with than my Billy. That day was one of my most joyous day in my life. Later, the three of us took pictures to capture the memory of the place even though we know that this place will not work out. Near the end of our tour, I leaned up to Billy and said that I would love to throw huge parties here in our future. Billy smiled and said that it was an amazing idea, especially when we get rich one day from doing what we do. I squeezed his hand tightly and thanked the young lady who had assisted us and walked to our car as we planned our next destination to tour.  If any of you have any questions about wedding venues in Cincinnati Ohio, feel free to ask me. I will give you any information to my knowledge, such as the price, locations, and anything else you would like to know.

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  Happy reading my friends

  Jamie Lyn

Our Love Story

  Hi readers! Today, I thought I share with you guys on how Billy and I met! As many of you know, we are engaged and have been for a few months now. Our story has been an extremely long journey and a difficult one at first. Let me start at April 2015, my Spring semester right before summer break. As I sat at home back in California, I scrolled through my email as I distracted myself from homework and final studies. I came across an email from twitter. In the subject, it asked me to check out a new app that they had just released. I had no idea what made me open it, because I usually view it as junk mail and always ignored them. For some strange reason, I opened it and read the content. The twitter team explained that they had just launched a live-streaming app called Periscope. Near the bottom of the app, it provided a download link. As curious as I am, I went ahead and downloaded the app. At that time, I had absolutely what kind of things I was about to get in to. There, you might have guessed it, it has to do with Periscope. Yes, little did I know that I would meet my future husband through this live-stream app. I had no clue what live-stream really was, but I decided to download the app anyway hoping that it would work on my phone and that I would know what to do with it. At the time, Periscope was only able to be download on the IOS devices. Like every other app on the planet, you had to create an account. The option was to log on with a twitter account, go figure right? After I got my Periscope account created, I found that I was at complete lost. For some odd reason, I did not give up there. I went on twitter and composed a tweet with the hashtag Periscope and that I had no idea how to use the new app hoping that someone would see it. No more than a few hours, at Upyourperiscope replied to my tweet with the help link. I was so excited, but the link did not help. The help link did not explain how a blind and a voice over user could use it. I then replied to their tweet telling them my confusion, and they tagged another blind user from London to help me. This blind man knew how to work it and explained that it can be difficult, but there were ways to overcome the challenges. After I learned his tricks and things, I continued with the Periscope app. I was able to work it like a pro. I really fell in love with the app, because I was able to chat with people at a real time. There were people from all over the place scoping their daily activities. I have never seen anything like it, I was completely interested. As I got to know the app more and as the more I interacted with the broadcasters, I made many friends from all over the world. We all connected over twitter. As time went on, I started doing my own live-streams. I was able to share with the world who I was and continued making friends. One night, a loyal viewer had asked me if I knew another blind guy who does live-streams like me. I told him no and asked for the name. He told me that the other blind scoper’s name, “Clearsight”. He then said for me to search him up. I told him that I would, because it was amazing to see other blind people doing streams just like myself. As soon as I ended my stream and my fans said good byes, I immediately looked up Clearsight. I found a matching person and followed. To my surprise, Clearsight did a tons of streams, so I joined. Clearsight seemed super happy and had more fans than myself. I introduced myself and shared that I was blind as well. I told him that he did things different than me. He was excited that I joined his scope. I just innocently chatted with him and his fans. I expressed that I was a new scoper and that I had difficulties streaming. To my surprise, he said that he would invite me to a private scope and would show me how he did it. I was very grateful. After Clearsight AKA Billy ended his stream, I got an invite to join him. After I asked all of the questions that I needed, we both went on our own ways. A few days later, Billy joined my scope when I went live. At the time, I just viewed him as any other viewers. Through periscope, I was able to let my true feelings and personality with the world. Due to the complicated home life, my only other outlet was when I was away at school. I did live-streams almost everyday in positive ways by giving encouragement. Other times, I would teach my audience how to speak Chinese. For a while, Billy and I would join each other’s streams whenever we go live. Soon, we added each other on twitter which aloud us to send personal messages. At the time, I did not know that I would be talking to this guy everyday. As finals approached, I was able to keep my sanity by watching periscopes and talking to Billy. Sometime into our chatting, I asked Billy if he knew my nationality. He had no idea, so he guessed some kind of American. After I told him that I was Asian, he was very surprised in a good way. He told me that I had no accent. I was very pleased at his complement. Not much while later, Billy offered his digits and asked if I would text him. I told him of course I would. When my birthday came, he gave me an album and sent me a bunch of chocolates. When I explained to my parents about him, they freaked out and said that it was not acceptable. Even though I showed them when Billy went live and showed proof that he wasn’t a creep faking their age or anything. After sometime, my family started disproving of Billy talking to me. Soon, Billy expressed his feelings for me after we have talked practically everyday. He asked to be my boyfriend. As much as I like Billy, I wanted my parent’s approval which they rejected. There are more parts to this story, but I will save that for another time. To cut to the chase, the more Billy and I talked, the more we bonded. Some may say that we are crazy, because we knew that we were meant to be together. Though we have faced challenges from my side of family, we continued talking and messaging. Despite the disagreements and arguments, I can honestly say that it brought us even closer than ever before. Skipping ahead to December 7 months later, Billy helped me fly to Ohio to meet him and his family. Now, almost 2 years later, we have been engaged for 3 months. Billy is the man of my dreams and I can’t imagine life without him.  I just realized that I have been writing forever and I am absolutely tired. Thank you friends for hanging with me to this point. I will catch you again.

  Much love my friends

  Jamie Lyn

Our Heartbeat

  This is my first poem on here. This is dedicated to my beloved FiancĂ©! I love you so much!
  With every breath I take,

  You are my resting place,

  Everyday your hands is what I shall forever take,

  When I am confused or have any doubt,

  I know that I can always look up into your perfectly loving face.

  Every breath I take,

  All the things they say,

  Our love is too fake,

  Yet we continue to prove them wrong everyday.

  The only thing that matters in the world is our story,

  If they dare to look closer,

  They can and will witness our memory,

  Oh, all the places you show me,

  I can’t help but notice all of the days ahead that’s getting more clearer,

  With each kiss to every greenest field we stay,

  With my lover by my side,

  Only you can truly make me feel free,

  When I’m with you,

  The surroundings stop and stare at us,

  As you hold me tightly in your welcoming arms,

  Everything from the current of the river to the rocks that we stand on,

  Seem to be still and dare not to disturb us,

  With each kiss,

  Our hearts beating together is all I hear,

  Even the birds become more quiet and start whispering,

  And I can only know that this moment is true.

  With every big and small pebble we cast into the roaring current,

  The forest of trees seem to hold their breaths,

  Watching us from all angles of the woods,

  Before they know it,

  Our laughter fill the echoing nearby mountainside.

  When I look up,

  The sky filled of stars stares back,

  Illuminating the field where we lay,

  The view of the tall meadows to trees to the flower and grass all around,

  With every breath I take with you,

  My mind and soul becomes refreshed,

  In your arms,

  Is where I will stay.